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Bodyweight one


Gymnastic mobility


Rise training plan 1.0

Weightlifting starter

Freestanding Handstand

Strict Muscle-up One


Toes to bar

Bar Muscle-up

Strict HSPU One

Deadlift volume

Rise training plan 2.0

Core strength

Strict Pull-up

Kipping Pull-up

Core finisher

Leg strength

Press n Pull

Bench n row

Ring Muscle-up

Strict Muscle-up Two




Strict HSPU Two

The Great Wall Of Handsta...

Bodyweight two

Home training

Peaking Competitor

Peaking Intermediate

Muscle-up endurance #1

Coming soon

Revive 1.0

Front Squat on chains

Front Squat

Muscle-up endurance #2

We add programs continuously. Our ambition is to add a program every month.

Included in the same subscription you get Fitness Leveling, our successful system to give you the tools to develop. In the Fitness level system no less than 87 progressions are included, from ring row to weightlifting.