Toes to bar

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Toes to bar

Kipping CTB

Butterfly pull-ups

Handstand pushups

This is the second program in the series and we assume that you have got your kipping pull-ups and kipping mechanics in shape! Checkout kipping pull-up if you want to really drill the kip before going into this program.

We also assume the you have a strict pull-up or two. If you do not have that then head on to the Strict pull-up program

You will get the drills to string Toes to bar, CTB, Butterfly pull-ups and Handstand pushups together. A really great tech program!

Number of weeks: 6
Recommended days per week: 3 This is just a recommendation, if you want to train less per week that is up to you!
Access: No expiration date for the program
Payment: One time payment
Price: € 28

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