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Grow arms lika a Gorilla. We used to joke about that a feat of being a Gorilla was to at least shoulder press your bodyweight. With this program I shoot for pressing 110% of my bodyweight, breaking the infamous barrier of 100kg. While I am at it I aim to raise my weighted pull-up with 6-8kg as well.

This is a complete upper body program suitable for anyone that want to break barriers.

Experience: You need to have a minimum of six strict pull-ups to get the most out of the program on the pulling side. On the pressing side there is no lower barrier.


Number of weeks: 6
Recommended days per week: 3 This is just a recommendation, if you want to train less per week that is up to you!
Access: No expiration date for the program
Payment: One time payment
Price: € 28

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Did you know?

We believe in long term structured training. This program is one of our specialty programs that comes bundled for free if you follow Bloom, Advanced, Competitor, Revive or Allround< It's also included in the package we call Specialty programs where you get access to all 25 programs for as long you as you follow the package.

We do know that one single program cannot meet everyone’s needs so therefore we have made all our specialty programs available for you who follow a long term program.

If you follow one of our long term programs you also get 25 other programs where each program solves a specific challenge.

Of course you can run this program standalone but we wanted to tell you about this offering that is pretty cool!

We believe that this concept makes us unique and that it gives you an outstanding platform for long term development!

Good luck! //Marcus Herou