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We believe in long term structured training. You have chosen a program that is part of our long term planning.

We do also know that one single program cannot meet everyone’s needs so therefore we have made all our specialty programs available for you who follows a long term program.

Included you get 23 programs where each program solves a specific problem. For example our popular Muscle-up program.

We believe that this concept makes us unique and that it gives you an outstanding platform for long term development!

Good luck! //Marcus Herou


Program information

The vision with the Allround program is to improve your fitness, and to have great fun while doing so. We are not using progressions, % cycles and stuff like that. Variance is one of the main things. I believe if your training are varied and fun, your fire will last much longer.

An allround program for athletes that want a fun and varied program without the fuss of following strict cycles.

4 sessions x 60-90mins

Target group
Athletes that just want to workout but still have progression in their lifts, gymnastics, conditioning etc

None required but we recommend that you start out your fitness journey with Rise.

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About the programmer

Viktor Långsved is one of the most experience CrossFit® athletes in Europe. Viktor runs CrossFit Prestanda together with Marcus Johansson. Viktor is known for programming variations that makes a workout more fun and appealing.



These programs are included

Handstand five

Nine week Handstand training to get off the wall out on the floor to get that freestanding handstand and handstand walk!

Each session takes approximately 30 minutes to complete

Handstand specific warmups

Wrist strength

Core training

Three days per week

Handstand + Handstand walk progression


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Bench n row

For you who want to get a lot stronger in the upper body. You will develop the foundation for improving your gymnastics or if you already are proficient you will build to a new 1RM on Benchpress and Seal Row.

The program consists of both barbell, gymnastics and bodybuilding movements.


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Weightlifting starter

A program for you that have grown out of CrossFit classes and want to develop some serious weightlifting. The program spans to 4-5 sessions per week for 4 weeks or if you choose to spread it out over 6 weeks for 3 times a week that is also excellent! 

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Core one

Four week complete core program that will put your abs on fire

Enable for SEK 95


A conditioning program that spans over 4 weeks and 16 sessions!

This is a program for you that wants a serious kickstart to your conditioning

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Toes to bar

This program is for you want to learn

Toes to bar

Kipping CTB

Butterly pull-ups

Handstand pushups

This is the second program in the series and we assume that you have got your kipping pull-ups and kipping mechanics in shape! Checkout kipping pull-up if you want to really drill the kip before going into this program.

We also assume the you have a strict pull-up or two. If you do not have that then head on to the Strict pull-up program

You will get the drills to string Toes to bar, CTB, Butterfly pull-ups and Handstand pushups together. A really great tech program!

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Home training

A serious home training program perfect to be done on a vacation, while traveling or whenever you do not have access to a gym. Each day has mobility, strength and a conditioning piece. The only equipment needed is a chair and a table.

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Bodyweight one

This program routine is intended for beginner to intermediates and is an excellent program to use when you do not have access to a gym. Perform it 2-4 times a week to build or maintain your fitness. It is very simple but also very effective.

Enable for SEK 49

Bodyweight two

This program routine is intended for you who can perform a set of strict pull-ups and is an excellent program to use when you do not have access to a gym. Perform it 2-4 times a week to build or maintain your fitness. It is very simple but also very effective.

If you cannot perform a strict pull-up yet then perform this routine


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Bar Muscle-up

Bar Muscle-up is a 6-week program where you will learn Butterfly Chest to bar pull-ups, Ring Dips and of course the Bar Muscle-up!

We expect that you have some solid strict pull-ups and your kipping mechanics in place. 

This is the third program in the Kipping series and the follow-up to the Toes to bar program.

We are very proud of this program and it has been requested for a long time



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In six weeks develop your push and pulling strength. The program is perfect for a beginner that really want to master the basics. There are no shortcuts.

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Strict Pull-up

Develop the strength to get a strict pull-up in six weeks!

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Press n Pull

Press n pull 3 times a week for 6 weeks.

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Strict Muscle-up ONE

Develop the strength to get a strict muscle-up in seven weeks


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Kipping Pull-up

The kipping pull-up program is the first program in our kipping series from pull-ups to muscle-ups.

You will build the correct mechanics to set you up for success in the long run. We start the muscle-up journey here!

18 sessions with a recommended span over 6 weeks but you can spread it across a longer time if that suits you. 

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Develop the strength to get your first strict handstand pushup


Enable for SEK 295

Strict Muscle-up TWO

Muscle-up TWO is where you put it all together. You have the strength, now you need the skill.

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Deadlift volume

Improve your deadlifts!

A smart and proven program to push your deadlift while still working the olympic lifts. This program was run in the competitor program and it worked like a charm so we want to share it. It is a perfect program to both build capacity in your posterior chain and in the end we go high in intensity.

What it is:

6 weeks training, five days a week

* Deadlifting three times a week.

* Weightlifting everyday

* Squats twice a week.

* Weightlifting upper body assistance in form of push presses, snatch grip push presses, shoulder presses and pull-ups.

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This program will improve your weightlifting total. A great peaking program before a competition.

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Six week pulling cycle, the perfect follow-up after a squat cycle

Your first and second pull will develop a lot during the block. In the end we are testing the classic lifts and a squat as well.

Five times a week for six weeks a very serious program if you want to get better at weightlifting!

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This is a six week squat cycle where you maintain your olympic weightlifting.

You will train five sessions a week and the program ends with a Squat test.

This program is a great kickstarter on a long term strength plan.


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Peaking Intermediate

Peak for your competition!

Seven weeks program including a week with a structured deload. 

Four sessions a week

Competition visualization, mindset and more.

This program is suitable for Intermediates.

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Peaking Competitor

Optimize your competition preparation!

Seven weeks program including a week with a structured deload.

Five days a week. Two sessions per day.

Competition visualization, mindset and more.

This program is suitable for athletes that are a bit experienced.

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