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Snatch -
Shoulder Press -
Strict pull-up pronated -
Strict pullups -
Seal row Mikael Liljeholt
Strict pull-up supinated Patrik Nilsson
Strict HSPU Eric Ericson Haraldsdotter
Snatch Balance Marcus Herou
Snatch pull Marcus Herou
Squat Snatch Andrea Myrander
Shoulder taps Marcus Herou
Snatch deadlift Marcus Herou
Strict ring dips Andreas Utterberg
Strict Muscle-up Weighted David Englund
Shoulder Press Behind Neck Lester Rikard Lanner
Strict Ring Dip Erik Joelsson
Snatch Push Press Marcus Herou
Squat n pull rectangle two Marcus Herou
Squat n pull rectangle one Marcus Herou
Squat n pull circuit two Marcus Herou
Strict pronated pull up Maria Hoch
Sumo deadlift Jamie Williams
Squat n pull circuit three Marcus Herou
Snatch flow Marcus Herou
Strict Press Rickard Walén
Strict muscle-up Marcus Herou
Squat n Pull Circuit one Marcus Herou
Squat n pull rectangle three Marcus Herou
Strict Toes To Bar Rickard Walén
Seal row kettlebell Marcus Herou
Split Squat Marcus Herou
Squatclean Simon Svensson
Squat clean thruster Monica Mandt-Pettersson
Seated Press Behind Neck Marcus Herou
Snatch TNG Mathias Bergström
Strict ring pull-up Joakim Andersson
Strikt press Johan Meurling
Strict Shoulder press Alex D´Afflitto
Sots Press Marcus Herou
Strict HSPU for ROM Marcus Herou
Shankle Complex Marcus Herou
Strict Chest to bar pull up John Aspgren
Snatch Press Marcus Herou
Seven Timmy Thernström
Snatch Grip DL Monica Mandt-Pettersson
Sargent jump test Marcus Herou
Strict CTB Pull-up pronated grip Marcus Herou
Strict supinated pull up Maria Hoch
Snatch one arm Marcus Herou
Steady state Marcus Herou

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