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On this page we try to summarize each minor or major release we have. Updated as frequent as possible. For you feed reader geeks out there add this link to your feed/rss reader.

Fitness level, competitions, events and more

Thu 02 Apr 2020

Long time since we added info here but it does not mean that we do not work!

The main focus on BoxPeak the last six months has been to get Fitness Levelling up to speed. We have now 10 gyms running fitness leveling which is awesome!

However that does not mean that other parts of BoxPeak stands still.

Scoreboard groups

A request from Norway and from a local competition organiser made us review how to enable grouping of athletes on the scoreboard to elect the Best Box, the Best Tribe and so forth. We are now done with that and the first competition out to test it will be the Nor3F-Liga!

Event setup

A hidden gem in BoxPeak is the event setup module. If you want to setup a workshop or training camp look no further. We have now enabled this module for the public. You find it here

We now have

We have been updating fitness leveling for the last quarter and now we are heading into Coach again + translating the entire site to Swedish!

Mastery and gadgets

Sun 20 Oct 2019


The last month we have updated the Fitness level system like crazy! We have added programs to the levels in the system. Currently 54 programs and counting! Snatch, pressing, pull-ups, dips you name it. Even a 10 level Double under progression. We have learned that athletes need to understand how to move forward from the assessment. “What is next? How do I progress?”

It started as a small mastery note on each level but has swollen out to include a full training logging service, it appears in your dashboards and overviews etc.

We have woven together the eco system of Assessment and training. This adds a high level of indiviualisation on an otherwise template system which is of great value for the client.


We have integrated with Google Fit which enables us to give you more insights about your training. We already have hundreds of people that has connected their FitBit or heartrate monitor to us and can now get both step measurement, training, sleep, weight etc registered and get feedback on it. It adds a health aspect to the otherwise performance centric system

Check it out in your dashboard, enabled for all that has the fitness leveling system. If you do not have the system get it here


Competition self service live

Thu 05 Sep 2019

To better accomodate more kinds of users and purses we have opened up the competition management to the public. Want to run a competition? Just click the button and you can get going in minutes.

Found on the event page here

BoxPeak Coach is launched!

Wed 21 Aug 2019

BoxPeak Coach is now launched!⠀

If you like me had issues gathering all training results, videos, comments and so forth in one place this is the application for you. After our beta launch this winter I have not looked back to google sheets one second.⠀

We already had the performance tracking system since 2010.⠀

We already had the training plan creation and distribution where hundreds of thousands of programs already have been created. A proven system. ⠀
If we had all the things what did we do? Some quick pointers below.⠀
– Added a communication layer to the “one on one” module, refining til it became a state of the art communication system. This is key in any coaching system. Feedback!⠀

– We created an intuitive calendar view to make it super easy to create programs. It literally takes seconds to get going. This gives the flexibility of google sheets but you can get all the training results, comments etc in one place. Embed videos, prescribe percentages you name it. Hundreds of features.⠀

– We created a way for you to charge your clients for online programming and get it automatically paid out to your account. Suitable for any kind of program regardless if it is a recurring (like relentless method) or fixed program (like a 12 week squat program)⠀

Full spec on the website
We celebrate by giving the ten first that signs up for the trial a life long 50% discount.⠀

Code: getcoach50⠀

Track link clicks on your mail

Thu 08 Aug 2019

Are you using mailchimp today? If you are then you know how great it is to track how your audience behaves.

In BoxPeak we have created a similar system but with YOUR clients as audience. No more exports into Mailchimp send and track emails inside your own account. This saves you a great deal of time.

Here is a simple clip which shows how any email sent in the system now gets saved and tracked. Obviously we have mail list support but for this tutorial’s sake we are just using the simple mail form on the user page.



Video uploading

Thu 25 Jul 2019

Today we took the content creation to the next level for the coaches. You can now easily upload videos into your own library and attach it to programming. The system searches within your library first then the global library.

What are we up to?

Wed 10 Jul 2019

It was some time ago since we logged something here. We will try to get better but when looking at what we are doing it is pretty understandable that our schedule is tight!

So what are we up to?

Relentless Fitness Leveling – RFL

We are getting really close to launching the RFL to the public now, just the final touches of the website. Expected public launch in August.

What the heck is RFL? Fitness Leveling with focus on giving the client recurring motivation and striving for improvements. We have tested the framework for close to nine months now over several gyms and the results speak for themselves. Clients spend more time in the gym and attending classes. This alone will increase success. PT sales doubled, higher spirits in the gym, “when can we get next test week” etc. This framework is excellent for client success and retention

BoxPeak Live

Real time timing system for competitions. Big success at Nationals in Functional Fitness 2019 and the final true test at worlds in Malmö. We are aiming for running it at two competitions in between though. Northern Spirit Throwdown and Army of Two. Exciting indeed!

From an organiser stand point this is awesome. Present in real time who won and get rid of the problem with handheld watches. Of course handheld watches need to be used as backup but an accurate system should be used as the foundation. This system is accurate down to milliseconds. Can a human beat that across 12 lanes? No that is just impossible.

A very prize worthy alternative to chip timing which in reality is too expensive for the market of Functional Fitness.

BoxPeak Coach

It is already live and has been in use by 20 coaches since February. 10 of them is part of the beta test group. However we expect to have a more glossy landing page by September so stay tuned!

I who program for individual use this everyday. I have not looked back at google spreadsheets since even though I like those too. By weaving in videos and results into one place the circle is complete. On top of that RFL is integrated so you can easily spot weaknesses / strengths on your client.

Box programming

Not really provided by BoxPeak but a joint venture with Relentless Method and the staff there. Standalone or combined with RFL this is just a superb product.

Bugs of course

On top of this as usual, loads of bug fixes. These bugs never cease coming which is the nature of developing new things!

Onwards! Upwards!

Training log updates

Thu 30 May 2019

Pheew! We have hated the training log for many years since the integration with the programming has been so-so. Now finally a better way of adding training and integrating with the programs has been launched. It also now integrates pretty good with the new coach module. Since sometimes when you do not have a program for the day (totally uncoachable) but does stuff anyway coach would like you to add it to get an overview.

One really really nice thing now is that the fixed programs like Relentless Method Rise, Emerge etc has exercise tracking connected to them which then populates the training log. Easier to track the history of every set you have made in for example “Shoulder press” when it is integrated into the program. See screenshot.
This also is true for when you create fixed programs as a coach. All non recurring (like a 6 week squat cycle template) programs has this nice feature.



Mail settings per client

Mon 13 May 2019

You can as of today control when your client gets an email sent by editing the scheme for the client.




Longer sessions without login

Sat 11 May 2019

We have now updated the logic under the hood to possibly get you logged in for a longer time, up to a week!

As well we took the opportunity to create pre-filled username/password fields. This might seem like a simple thing but it is indeed not. It’s a very risky and complex business in security. We will not go through the security details here but the function is there and we know you will love it!

You however need to opt in to this behaviour yourself by checking the tick boxes when you login.






These items are before we moved into a publishing system.