Become Elite at CrossFit!

If you want to take your CrossFit to a completely new level then Elite is the training plan for you.

If you are decently strong and skilful then it is time to gear up that engine.

In the Elite training plan we switch focus from pure strength work to more sport specific work. If you want to become better at CrossFit then you need to practice similar to how you compete. You need to get better at repeating both heavy and light loads with  good technique over and over. Broaden your repertoar, fill the holes.

You will master everything from handstand walk over ramps to legless rope climbs to barbell cycling to running and much much  more.

When you enter the competition floor you will no longer be surprised because you will be ready for whatever gets thrown at you. You have done the work in the gym.

The program contains 10 sessions per week but you can optimise it to 5 sessions if you choose. We help you along the way to guide you to the best schedule possible for your needs. The training plan is released every Sunday at 20:00 CET and you get it sent to your email every training day.

Are you ready in becoming truly Elite?

Price: EUR 49 /mth
7 day free trial
You can abort the subscription at any time with two clicks

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With our unique subscription concept you get access to all our focus plans

Choose from loads of top class training plans
Filter based on category and timeframe
Combine programs in a weekly schedule to create the ultimate plan
Find new and popular programs with our intuitive system
A fixed monthly fee gives access to it all
7 day free trial.

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