Revive 1.0

No more pain only gain!

This program is the personal program of the headcoach himself. Marcus Herou.

You will train the same sessions as Marcus. You will get exact details on basically every move done during the session. Detailed feeling explanation and sought stimuli.

For whom?

The program is targeted towards any or all of:

  • Retired competitors that wants to train serious but that cannot follow a competitor or youngster template
  • Someone that could be pretty advanced but just want to train for allroundness and still wants to improve skills
  • Someone that is tired of kipping and snatching all week long
  • You hate those 5 min lactic workouts that leave you sore for days
  • You want to be able to move good without pain
  • You dream about performing a one-arm pull-up or 7m L-sit rope climbs while still pulling 2,5 x bw deadlifts
  • You should be able to handstand walk decently, perform a strict muscle-up. This program will train you in this but in bigger volume and difficulty

What is it?

  • Leg and pchain allroundness
  • Gymnastic skills from planche, handstands, handstand walks, press to handstand, front levers you name it
  • Lots of chin-ups, strict muscle-ups, dips, handstand pushups etc
  • Aerobic capacity focus - stuff that builds without leaving you sore


Typical session

A: Detailed warmup for the session theme

B: Compound lower body movement ie Back Squat, Deadlift, Yoke Carry etc

C1: Upper body pull ie Pull-ups behind the neck, seal rows, strict muscle-ups etc

C2: Lower body assistance ie Step-ups, lunges, split squats etc

D: Gymnastics / Midline ie Front lever, handstands, press to handstand, planche etc

E: Conditioning for the session theme



Kategori: CrossFit
Antal pass: 48
Access: No expiration date for the program
Payment: One time payment
Price: €78

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