Rise training plan 1.0

Get immensly fit in 48 sessions of the best training method for fitness there is. Strong, jacked and conditioned. You will become a better mover and look great. 

What Rise is
Rise is inspired by the Functional Bodybuilding movement with an aim in getting you strong and healthy. It also has an aim in fitting into peoples lives so the timeframe is dedicated to people that want to spend some time with a serious training program but who cannot dedicate three hours at the gym. We want you to feel good while training and to really feel the improvements. Every session is planned in detail.

Move good look good
We give you a lot of training in these 90mins which will make you immensely fit. Moving good and looking good is what we strive for or just call it great fitness. Every session has a tailored warmup so you are prepared for the task at hand.

What you are getting yourself into
The program stretches over 48 sessions to be trained at your pace, each session takes 75-90mins.

Video and explanations
Almost every exercise in the program has a youtube video found on our channel. We have produced over 200 videos for this program only so you better will get the feel for how to perform a movement. We give detailed explanations on how to perform movements and workouts. The thought behind the workout.

We look forward in seeing you Rise!

//Relentless Method team

An example session can look like this. For simplicity we have removed all the videos.

3 rounds not for time - focus is to activate muscles & get warm.
300m row + 10 shuttle runs
10 lateral steps right + left with band
10 glute bridges with band - 2s pause in top of each rep
10s dead hang pronated grip + 10s dead hang supinated grip
10 scapula pushups
20-40s wall sit with band

A: Build to a heavy 3 Front Squat - tempo 32x1.
32x1 = 3s down - 2s pause in bottom - up - 1s in the top.
If you can not hold this tempo, do not continue building.

This exercise is part of our test-battery and for tracking purposes please register results here: http://gorillafitness.se/athlete/registerWorkout.do?workoutId=613

For future comparison it is wise to note weight, feel and maybe even shoot a video of the performance.


Focus here is to always keep the tempo. Important to keep your chest high
all the time.

B: E4minute x 4 sets
6/6 Single Arm KB Bulgarian Split Squat
AMRAP (minus 2 reps) Ring Row - tempo 3030

When performing a split squat key is to let the knee track over you toes, not
too much in front of them. If your right leg is working, keep the KB in left front
rack, and vice versa.

Ring row - same as the squat, make sure to keep the tempo. When you cant,
stop right away.

AMRAP: AsManyRepsAsPossible

C: E4minute x 4 sets
6 Double DB Bench Press (build to a heavy 6 in 4 sets)
6-8 Single Leg RDL with DB or KB

No tempo in these movements, but make sure to do them with control.
Very important that you are controlling the descent in both movements.
Slow down, faster up. Do not go too heavy. If you are moving well you can
go heavier each round. Make sure that you are getting a stretch benefit in the bottom of the DB Benchpress and that you truly are locking out the elbows in the top.


D: AMRAP 12 minutes
15+15m Rope Pull 60/40kg
10 Double DB Z-Press - Alternate arm (5 per arm)
8 Sandbag or D Ball Squats

The purpose of this piece is to get a good pump, and of course some
endurance in your pushing/pulling.

Rope Pull - if the weight is too heavy, scale. Do not use your hips. The only
thing working should be your arms/lats. Try to keep your back in line with the

Z-Press - pick a weight you can do 12-13 reps with so 10 isnt way too heavy.

Squats - no leaning forward. Keep your chest high. They should be unbroken
so pick a weight you can handle.

Merged into Relentless Trainer

All the good stuff from this program has moved into the Ai-Revolution, Relentless Trainer


Smarter coaching closer to you

Relentless Trainer constantly adapt the training sessions based on:

How you feel

Daily readiness, abilities, sleep, limitations, previous workouts.

Where you are

Daily readiness, abilities, sleep, limitations, previous workouts.

What you like

At home, at the gym or at a hotel. Add locations & available equipment..

Time & schedule

Goals, interest, favorite movements, mobility and custom sessions..

Connected apps & devices

Fitness trackers such as Garmin, Apple Health, Strava, Fitbit etc..


Shareable training sessions and a rich inspiring community.

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