Individual programming

Template programming is great but sometimes you need an individual program based on your specific needs, wants and goals.

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Marcus Johansson

Marcus runs CrossFit Prestanda together with Viktor. Marcus specialty is structural work. As a person very thourough and leaves nothing to chance. Marcus is responsible for the Relentless Method Box programming.


Viktor Långsved

Viktor runs CrossFit Prestanda together with Marcus. Viktor's specialty is competition. Viktor is responsible for the Allround and Rise programming together with Angelica.


Angelica Bengtsson

Angelica is a box manager and coach at CrossFit Falun Måndagsklubben. Angelica's specialty besides competition lies in her interest for prehab and rehab and is great in understanding foundational work. She is responsible for the Rise programming together with Viktor.


Marcus Herou

Marcus runs Relentless Method. His specialty lies in programming for competition regardless if it is template or individual programming.



  • Up to four, 90min sessions per week
  • €99 /mth


  • Up to four, 120min sessions per week
  • €149 /mth


  • Up to five, 120min sessions per week
  • €199 /mth


  • Up to ten, 90min sessions per week
  • €249 /mth